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PET Preform Mold

As technical pioneer in PET Preform Mold manufacturing, Waton has successfully developed advanced hot runner perform mould from 1 cavity to 48 cavities which meet customers' needs of any application.
With years' experience, Waton promises the shortest production startup time and the lowest maintenance cost.
Waton PET perform mould's features is bright as following:

  • Professional & Perfect preform proto-type design & solution
  • National Patents on Preform Mould Design
  • High quality mould steel with special heat-treatments
  • Precision Mould Parts
  • Stable Preform Mould for high productivity
  • Flex Mold for fast, flexible mold change
  • Perfect Preform (consistent weight, minimum eccentricity, safety, slightest Parting Line )
  • Quick Delivery
  • Guarantee as long as 3 million shots
  • Customer-oriented After-Sale Service

China Waton is a professional PET Preform Mould,pet preform moulds,pet preform molds manufacturer in China. We can produce PET Preform Mould,pet preform moulds,pet preform molds to your requirements.

 Waton mold inserts:

  1. Reasonable design for every mold part;
  2. Standard mold parts;
  3. Advanced processing;
  4. Integrated detecting system;
  5. Special heat treatment for the mold parts.

Waton Preforms:

  1. Flawless preform neck;
  2. Slightest parting line;
  3. Clean injection gate;
  4. No crystal;
  5. Accurate preform weight;
  6. Minimized acetaldehyde(AA) contamination;
  7. Minimum eccentricity;
  8. Pure perform without any marks.

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