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Injection Machine



  We have developed ten models of Injection Molding Machine as LOGM6, LOGS6, LOGA8, LOGS8, LOGC8, LOGA9 and LOGS9, which covering the clamping force 90T-1250T. To meet the special needs of different customers, we implement the concept of "tailor-made".
  For Hydraulic system, we adopt high efficiency, energy-saving and high precise proportional pressure and flow variable displacement pump system to make the out of the hydraulic system matching the required power for entire machine operation, while without loss high pressure throttle and overflow energy. As compared with constant displacement pump, it saves power by 30% - 60%.
  The screw head and back stop ring adopted are Japanese Made, with high tenacity hot working tool steel by special heat treatment features high temperature resistance, wear endurance and hot burnout resistance, maintaining extremely high hardness during high temperature operation.

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